Welcome to Adventuring Dollars! There are two of us behind the scenes here at Adventuring Dollars. First, let me let my wife introduce herself.

Hi, I’m Tori, a twenty something Registered Nurse who graduated college with my Bachelors of Science in Nursing. Unfortunately my degree came along with over $80,000 in student loan debt.

Over the last couple of years, with the help of my accountant husband, I am learning how to balance paying off my student debt while still enjoying the adventures of early adulthood.

Now, I’ll introduce myself. I’m Lance, Tori’s husband. As Tori mentioned, I’m an accountant in my day job. I love personal finance and helping people figure out how to deal with their money problems.

Together, we hope to help you, our readers, give enjoyable purpose to your money in your life, even if you’re faced with massive debt! Money can’t buy you happiness, but it sure is easier to go on your life adventures with plenty of it!