Fighting Off The Decorating Bug

Wall Decal Quote Text Vinyl Sticker Home Decor Art Mural " Do what you love …" 22.8” x 24.8”So over the last few years I have been really struggling with something….the strong desire to properly decorate my space. Sure, it’s not so much of a problem if you know what you like and have plenty of money to do so, but most of us have other life needs that take all our money!

Growing up my parents always allowed my brother and I to decorate our rooms any way we wanted to (within reason of course). They let us choose our paint colors, lighting, bedding etc. This was all really great and I got accustomed to being able to express myself and make my space cozy.

Dorm Room Restrictions

Half of the excitement of starting college was moving out from my parents house and into my own dorm room on campus! I finally thought I would be able to get lots of cute stuff and really cozy up my room. Turned out my parents made me use my money for actual school stuff (I am now glad they did) instead of fun decorating stuff.

Having a roommate complicated things even more and then there are all those crazy restrictions to what you can have and put on the cinder block walls. Needless to say, I was pretty bummed out that all my friends had super cute rooms, and mine was….well you know, hodgepodge.

College Apartment

Two years later and I move into my first apartment that I shared with two other roommates. I had big plans for how I was going to decorate my very own room in my new college apartment from drab to fab. Tenants were allow to paint, hang items from the walls, and of course have my own furniture! Sure enough, none of that happened.

Yes I hung pictures up on the wall, but it still didn’t feel like me, or like home. I lived with drabby hand me downs and mismatched stuff because it was practical and I already had to take out lots of student loans.

Graduation and Grown Up Job

Penske 12' & SnowAnother two years later, I find myself again moving. This time I moved from Virginia to Florida to be with my now hubby. He had rented an adorable four bedroom house and I finally had ALL of my personal belongings.

This time around I kinda figured what was going to happen. Lance and I would combine our hodgepodge college stuff  and I once again wouldn’t get to make it feel like home. Lance was right, I didn’t have a job lined up yet and we weren’t even engaged so we couldn’t afford to spend a ton of money making the house we were renting into our home.

Marriage and a House Purchase

A couple years after moving to Florida, we are now married and living in our second home we have purchased. We have really started to plant our roots here as we establish our family. This is finally the right time to really invest in nice decor items to make this home right? I am super thrifty and very creative, so I can definitely decorate on a reasonable budget.

How Much Should I Fight The Decorating Bug?

Now that Lance and I are married, and are financially stable with a decent amount of extra income each month, I am still not really able to make our new home ours. We are very very aggressively paying off my student loan debt which was a little over $80,000 when I graduated. Scary right?

I have done a great job paying off my debt so far and between Lance and I tackling it together we hope to have every cent paid off within 4 years of graduating. I know its practical to just wait it out for the debt to be gone and deal with all the mismatched stuff, but I SOOOOOO BADLY want to start making this our “grown up” home.

So, I have a couple of questions that hopefully you can help me out with. Let me know your opinion in the comments below.

How important is putting your personal touch in your home to you? Am I alone in having this deep desire to nest in this blank canvas house? What is a reasonable amount to spend on home decor/furniture/customization?


  1. I love to decorate and that is one area where I have spent a lot of money in the past. Fortunately, I have been able to buy a lot of nice things secondhand!

  2. We just moved into our new house not to long ago after living in apartments a good majority of our life so I know exactly where your coming from. My wife wants to go out and make the house a home and decorate left and right. I’m looking at walls and doorways and going “Can I rip this out and upgrade it without going broke?”

    We opted for less drastic measures as in we’ll slowly decorate the house bit by bit since we plan on being there for several years anyways. Taking the slow approach will allow us to save us money and eventually allow us to add our personal touch to it.

  3. We have had similar discussions. I would suggest you set aside a little bit of money each month for your decorating. You can buy something little or save up for a larger purchase. That way you can still accomplish your debt goals, but you also have something to look forward to each month.

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