Saving Money At The Movies

He demands his own seat, popcorn and drink... And he's angry.Who doesn’t love going to the movies? Who loves paying $10-$15 per ticket to go see the latest flick? Not us and neither do the rest of you I’m sure! Is there a way to go get the theater experience without the theater price? There sure is!

Alternative Theater Options

I was first introduced to the “dollar” theater during my college days. I absolutely loved it! Every weekend, my school would play a box office hit movie for the students to enjoy for just a dollar. They generally would announce the movie line up for the entire semester ahead of time so we could plan which nights we wanted to go to.

It was really nice to be able to anticipate a particular movie that I wanted to go see, and knowing that it would only cost me one dollar made it easy to resist going to see it in the main stream theater. Another bonus was that we were allowed to bring in our own snacks without sneaking them in!

Not A College Student?

Even if you aren’t a college student, majority of colleges that offer campus movies allow the general public to attend for a little bit more. My college charged $2.50 for the general public per ticket, which is still a total bargain! If you live near a large college or university it is definitely worth checking out to see if they show campus movies.

The Discount Theater

I am originally from northern Virginia, and everything up there is expensive. However, when I moved down here to the Florida panhandle, it was a refreshing surprise to find the local discount theater. They generally show around 4-6 different movies at a time that have left the main stream theater, but haven’t been released on DVD yet. This particular theater charges $2 per ticket, and they also allow you to bring in a bottle of water. We really love having this option for an inexpensive date night!

Saving Money With Kids At The Movies

Taking the whole family to the movies can really add up fast, especially if you buy anything from the concession stand! One way to save quite a bit of money is to take your kids to the movies during the summer. Most main stream theaters offer a Kids Summer Movie program that includes a drink and popcorn for just a few dollars per kid. They are all kids movies that are shown generally before lunch. This can be a great option for those days you hear “I’m bored” endlessly.

Do you have any tips on saving money at the movies? What do you do for budget friendly entertainment?

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  1. I remember a friend telling me about a theater experience she’s had while vacationing in the Philippines. According to her, their cinemas are pretty nice. She went to this high-end mall to watch at a cinema where she only had to pay $8 for an international movie and got a free popcorn.

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