You Know What They Say When You Assume…

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Hi readers! Sorry for the lack of new posts over the last couple of weeks. Lance and I got married last weekend! Yay! So as you can imagine, wedding planning really takes over your life, especially having my entire family staying in our home for 4 days. So after taking a few days of rest and getting the house back in order, I am back to writing new posts twice a week!

Post Marriage Changes

One of the first changes that Lance looked into right after we got married was insurance, car insurance more specifically. Car insurance can vary greatly depending on where you live, if you have garage parking, your age, gender, and of course your marital status. Lance is such a guru on figuring out ways to save us money, that I just let him handle things such as this.

Since his dad is retired Navy, Lance has had access to USAA insurance for all of his driving life. I, of course, joined in on his insurance policy pre-marriage due to the fact that we were living together and got a much better rate with USAA. We were all excited to update our USAA car insurance policy after we got married because we figured we were gonna save a ton of cash!

USAA Always Has The Best Rates Right?

We were for sure USAA had the best rates for married people, but Lance being the money saving guru that he is, had to double check with the other competitors, just in case. Its a good thing he did because it turns out that even though USAA had the best policy rate for us while we were unmarried, they make up for it when their customers assume that their rates will be equally awesome when they get married.

We Are Switching Insurance Providers

Lance spent an afternoon last week gathering quotes from all the mainstream insurance providers. Turns out at least half of them quoted us better rates than USAA as a married couple. Two in particular, Geico and Progressive, were surprisingly a whole heck of a lot less expensive than USAA!

By switching our Insurance providers, and not falling for our automatic assumption to stay with USAA, we are now saving about $200 per six month period. That little bit of time Lance spent making phone calls saved us around $400 per year! Who woulda thunk?

Have you ever made assumptions, and then regretted it? Any advice on things we shouldn’t assume as newlyweds? Let me know in the comments, I love to hear your ideas!


  1. Glad you are saving some money on insurance and congrats on your wedding!!!


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